Raising money to build a better library!

The auction will run from December 6th until December 20th 2019!

This year we are hoping to raise enough funds to revolutionize reading at Ladywood. By building a better library we aim to help the children get lost in a good book!

All the items on this site will be announced at the Ladywood Christmas Disco, however - we're widening the scope of our fundraising, and so everyone is welcome to get involved! If you are not attending the auction but wish to bid on one of the items, the auction is open until December 20th when school closes for Christmas. Please send sealed bids into school prior to the close of the auction on December the 20th. Any bids should have a clear name, contact details, the number of the item and it's name.

If you wish to contribute an item to be auctioned, please contact friendsofladywood@ladywood.bolton.sch.uk Winners will be announced on this site December 20th!